2024-01-11 16:25:47

APISE 2023 Council Conference was successfully held on Decemeber 07th, 2023. President, Gordon Huang, councill member, Tek-Tjing Lie, Irwin King, Guangwei Huang, Yongping Li, Guojie Li and other members attended this meeting online or onsite!

      At the beginning, President, Gordon Huang delivered a brief speech. Then, secretary-general, Ling Li summarized the work for 2023. President, Gordon Huang evaluated the work for 2023, and released the work plan for 2024.

      At the conference, in view of various topics, council members have put forward their own views. President, Gordon Huang raised many valuable advices for improving the quality of conference, like pay more attention on previous authors and committee members. Prof. Lie proposed to strengthen scientific exchange activities with universities and research institutions in the Greater Bay Area and the Asia Pacific region. Prof. Guangwei Huang proposed to strengthen scientific research cooperation with Japanese universities in the 2024 work plan. Prof. Yongping Li has put forward many constructive suggestions on the new work plan of the research institute and proposed to strengthen the connection with members. Prof. Irwin King hold the view on the current situation of the meeting, believing that it should focus on and put more efforts on one meeting and enrich the meeting content to attract attendees. Prof. Guojie Li proposed the idea of updating the promotional mode in response to the current difficulties in the conference.


      At last, all council members jointly discussed the rules of election and the nomination list of next new council member. And all member expressed their great expectations for the work in 2024. APISE 2023 council conference had come to a complete conclusion.

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